How did it start?
The ExpoIep began its activities in 2017. Before it, the exposition was called "Expotecno" and involved only the technological baccalaureate projects. As of 2017, it was decided that the diversified baccalaureate students should also be part of it. Already by 2018, the school has improvements such as the web page of it, which fulfills the function of promoting the event and provide information to parents about the activity of their children.
Where and when is it?
This event will be held at the technological building of IEP highschool. Address: Av Perez y Fuentes P 16 12v, Ciudad de la Costa, Canelones Department. This event will take place outdoors and also in some rooms, when you enter you will see stands with different projects of all classes and inside the classrooms as well. The invited guests will visit the premises to admire the projects of the students, in the stands the students will be explaining any questions that the parents have. ITEX brings you the possibility of being a little more informed before attending the event and if you can not attend for any reason you will have the information on the website created by us. This event will be held on Thursday 1st November, during extracurricular hours.

Map to get to the location.