6th year IT students presenting their final project, 2017
Located in the technology premises of IEP high school, the so-called "expoiep" is the final presentation of all the projects carried out by the fourth, fifth and sixth year students. This event is held annually with the aim of providing a general overview of the work done in class to people outside the institution, whether students’ parents, friends or people who want to know more about IEP.
These exposed "projects" initially begin in class as an idea that teachers give to students. As time passes, according to the knowledge acquired throughout the course and adding information that they collect independently, students are responsible of shaping the projects - according to what they may need- , and delivering a product that meets the given requirements

What's the aim of the page?

The page provided by "ITEX (fictitious company created by the 5th IT students) attend to the need of promoting the event to the parents and also give report of their children’s activities, to be exposed on the project. This project is carried out by the students Mariano Ayala, Mateo Botaso, Marcos Cor, Felipe de Soto and Fernando González (only a group of 5th due to the number of students of this grade) of the subject Web Design, with the tutoring of Sergio Acosta and for Programming, under the tutelage of Ignacio Lasalvia. As a requirement of the site, it is above all things to promote the event, but in addition to this, students should provide an interface for other students whose projects are going to be exposes in the Educational Expo, where they have the possibility of uploading information and photos of them to the web.

Lines of code that are used for programming the page, 5th Computer


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