History of the institution
The Pinar Educational Institute was founded on October 27th, 1999 and began operating in March of the year 2000. At the beginning it was directed by six Secondary teachers, co-workers in another institution in El Pinar. In 2003, the high school moved to the building in Av. Naciones Unidas, where the “Bachillerato Diversificado" nowadays is in and where the administrative tasks are centralized. In the need of growing, a new location was inaugurated in Pérez Butler Avenue, where currently Basic levels are. In the following years it was necessary to expand the educational offer in the area and that is how the Artistic Bachillerato come up and later the Technological Bachillerato in the orientations: Administration, Computer Science and Sports and Recreation of the UTU, becoming one of the institutes with more options in the area. IEP holds meetings as well as participates in cross high school competitions through the association AIDEP. Through it, educational institutions of Montevideo and the rest of the country are linked in several areas, allowing to reach instances of competition at national levels.
Vision and Mision
Our vision respects and values diversity, shows the possibility of a better life quality, integrating the material and the affectivity. We understand that a quality education is the one that should develop all the dimensions of the person, without discriminating. We educate to generate an mandatory sense of personal, social and environmental responsibility since the year 2000. We hope that our students complete their studies showing their full potential of transformation, owners of their lives. Men and women responsible of themselves, with tools to face the challenges of their future and their happiness. Our mission is to provide quality education to our young and adults in Ciudad de la Costa. We work with them their cognitive, affective and social tools, so that they develop fully in the world in which we live. We form respectful, autonomous, responsible and competent people. Global citizens able to lead change processes for the common good.


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